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"Jason," Karin said. "Please say something.""It's freezing in here. I want that fire going before you get any more." She said to him."Trust me; you don't have to say please!"Read More »

"Let?s go swimming," Kelly suddenly said, jumping to her feet."Is something wrong?" Kurt asked with concern.But his mouth wouldn't obey him when he tried to spit. He pursed his lips, but nothing came out. He tried to open his mouth, but his lips wouldn't obey him. At least he remembered to lower the mug before more slipped in."Don't forget about me," Doug told her.
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Jenna quickly dropped her hand down onto Doug's bulging crotch and groaned, "Damn, that's hard!""Well, you'll have to explain that because I'm still in high school and inexperienced and all that; I?ll only do that if you're there with me," she said, "and I mean it too.""I'll probably be asleep by then too," John said.She stepped closer to stick her hand out of the open window, and gazing upward her eyes caught a dark-haired woman, leaning against a balcony railing across the street, completely naked. She blushed and reflexively withdrew her hand, but her eyes remains transfixed.

Jason Redson was the perfect picture of success. 6'4" tall, dark hair with blue eyes, he always thought his own father should have been a movie star, not a stockbroker, as he was."You didn't?" John asked in disbelief. "Why not? I thought that's why you went out."And pure, perfect pleasure consumed Ia's mind."Hey, it's not like we're Vampires, that takes two bites!" She protested.
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Kent said, "You sound like Ah-nold.""That seemed to get your attention, and you quickly reached back and spread your cheeks. By that time I was in no mood for your pussyfooting around, so I just thrust one end of the hose into that tight bottom of yours, as far as it would go; but as I was shoving it farther and farther in, I caught sight of your pink pussy lips peeking out at me. The sight of those lovely lips had a soothing effect on me, and I worked the rest of the hose in more slowly, until only an inch or so remained in sight."His knees were quaking. Run, he tried to tell himself. I can't take her. She'll melt me like butter."Dad?" John asked, looking at his father.

"Kelly, I don't think you're a whore, maybe a high-class call girl.""Oh, oh...Yeah!" Kent bellowed. He was filling my wife with his semen again. Come jetting into her pussy always triggers an orgasm in her."I definitely won't do it if you're not there," Kelly said, looking suddenly afraid.In very little time, Cassidy's back was arched deeply, her round breasts proudly thrust outward, and her eyes tightly shut as she rode the electricity of pleasure flowing through her body.
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